Turkish singer, Murat Boz Turn 38 Today

Happy birthday, Murat Boz! The Turkish singer-songwriter and actor is celebrating his 38th birthday today. Murat Boz is best known to the nignews.com.ng for his first single, "Aşkı Bulamam Ben", in 2006.

Murat Boz is a Turkish singer and a character on the screen. After completing his essential and optional teaching in his origin, Karadeniz Ereğli, he moved to Istanbul and enrolled at Bilgi University in Istanbul in 1999 and then continued his exams at Istanbul Technical University. In the meantime, he began performing as a sponsorship singer for Tarkan.

Turkish pop artist who has won many honors and is notable in Turkey for his collections Maximum, Sans, and Asklarim Büyük Benden.

He was a founding singer and played in musical lobbies.

He became interested in Greenpeace, dissident to secure the North Pole.

His family is from Karadeniz Ereğli, Turkey. In 2016, he started dating Aslı Enver.

He has teamed with specialists such as Tarkan and Shakira.

He was born on March 7, 1980
BIRTHPLACE: Karadeniz Eregli, Turkey
AGE: 38 years old