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Why We Must Fight To Protect Our Hygiene


Why We Must Fight To Protect Our Hygiene

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This was not the plan for 2020. When we dreamed about what 2020 would hold for us, we thought about doing things like eating healthier food, signing up with a gym, travelling more, spending more time with friends and family, maintaining regular hygiene standards or even climbing up the career ladder.


We didn’t even imagine anything like a lockdown could even exist. Lockdown what? Lagos? Abuja? Most of the known world? Impossible! 

Even though we didn’t plan a 2020 that wore face masks, here we are. Living in a lockdown has given most of us time to think. After watching more movies than you thought you could in one sitting and dusting off all the board games in your home, what else was there to do?

This time of being shut indoors has taught us what the important things in life are – the freedom to go where we want when we want to, enjoying good times and memorable experiences with friends and family.

Thinking about everything you miss about the pre-COVID life,  watch this video here.

The lockdown may have been lifted, but the threat of COVID-19 lingers on. It might seem like a bother to have to observe social distancing, wear face masks, frequently wash our hands and observe the COVID-19 preventive measures, but these are things we must comply with if we want things to go back to normal.

For generations, Dettol has been supporting families in the fight against germs and diseases, and this season is no different. As we continue our fight to win our world back, Dettol is by your side encouraging and empowering you to follow healthy hygiene habits, protecting your hands, your homes and your loved ones who live within them. Because, when we do, this us a fight that together, we will win.

The fight against COVID-19 is not just a fight against a virus, but a fight to protect the people and experiences we love. In accordance with the guidelines from NCDC on COVID-19, let us continue to observe the social distancing protocol, and also frequently wash our hands with soap and water.


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